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We’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to travel to other states and collaborate with other organizations. The ADAC team has had the privilege of traveling to D.C. and Texas where our job was to fight against immigrant criminalization and demand that democratic leaders fulfil their promise to pass a pathway to citizenship.

ADAC's Recent Campaigns

Know Your Rights

ADAC’s Know Your Rights campaigns are held to inform and prepare the public about their rights and how they should practice them.


Defund Hate

On June 18, 2020 ADAC and other partners got together outside the US Department of Homeland Security to campaign and rally to Defund ICE & CBP and to pass HR6 (The American Dream and Promise Act).

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Educational Justice
Equal healthcare for the LGBTQ+ community.
By by Madison McKay
Educational Justice
Demand Congress Provide Free School Meals To Every K-12 Student In America.
By by Dwight and School Lunch for All
LGBTQ+ Rights
Ban conversion therapy in all 50 states
By by Alexis Burgoon
Educational Justice
Stop Texas representatives from removing minority history from the K-12 curriculum.
By 154,162 signatures • by Siddhanth Pachipala
Social Justice
Justice For Breonna Taylor.
By by Loralei HoJay
Social Justice
Abolish Immigrant Youth Detention Centers.
By Diana Salinas
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