Ms. Liza Roman was born in San Salvador, and immigrated to the State of Texas in
1980. She entered the United States as undocumented. Her immediate survival goals were to become a citizen by learning the language and experienced assimilation and enculturation to the maximum extent.

Ms. Roman’s initial attempt to enter the Community College ranks in California did not happen as she not accepted due to not being a citizen. In 1992 she attained citizenship status; however, her desire, knowledge and awareness for discrimination elimination grew. Her arrival in Phoenix, Arizona in 1995 was a memorable awakening for her based on the massive and predominant discriminatory practices in the workplace and in the streets.

Her total summed education and work experience to date has been in the areas of education, disability, grassroots organizing and volunteer-based work and efforts. Her employment has always targeted diverse low income poverty neighborhoods and communities. She has served in Habitat for Humanity, LULAC and other Board positions. Examples of her dedication is that she was a recipient of the 2001 Fostering Respect Award and a huge proponent for the Day Laborers Center by bringing the business and community leaders together inside the Paradise Valley Unified School District.