After 12 years, due to anti-immigrant Prop 300, now law, Karina obtained a B.S. Biochemistry from Arizona State University in May 2015. She achieved higher education while working full- time and raising three children. After the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) announcement in 2012, she got involved with ADAC. Karina found in the organization a support group of allies and young immigrants like her. She has participated in training on different aspects of organizing from the story of self, power analysis, canvassing, know your right, DACA application preparation, membership development to non-violent action demonstration. Karina feels empowered to organize her community. In 2015, she decided to step up and run for a leadership position as Board President. As a DACA recipient, she knows our struggles and wants to work with students, so they are able to attain higher education regardless of their immigration status. She knows changes don’t happen overnight, but she believes that together we can make an impact and keep working for the integration of our immigrant and minority communities.