Julio Zuniga and his family came to the US in 1996. He grew up in West Phoenix as an undocumented student; there were many bad influences and not a lot of positive support in his life. Track and field was his escape; it was where he felt he wasn’t judge by his undocumented status but by his hard work. Julio first shared his struggles about being undocumented in 2007 through AZ teen magazine right before his high school graduation. He was able to receive a full academic scholarship to Arizona State University, and later transferred on a Full track scholarship to Grand Canyon University where he graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration.

Throughout time Julio has volunteered with many great organizations such as Project Manzana and Aguila and The Arizona Dream Act Coalition. Through ADAC he has been a part of many great campaigns such as Operation Butterfly 2.0 where he reunited with his brother at the AZ/Nogales border, Foro Virtual, and Stop the Bus action. Julio led the Education not Deportation, and helped with reuniting Ardany with his family. Currently Julio is completing a MBA at Grand Canyon University and continues to fight to better the life his family and community as the President of The Arizona Dream Act Coalition.