US Gov. Sides with DREAMers. Licences Now!


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September 30, 2014

U.S. Government sided with Arizona DREAMers

Brewer can get rid of her unconstitutional and obsolete executive ban NOW


PHOENIX AZ – Today the Department of Justice filed an Amicus Brief (friend of the court document) in the ADAC et al., vs BREWER case. The lawsuit initiated back in November of 2012. Civil rights groups filed suit to defend equal protection and fight against a discriminatory executive policy. The policy banned Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients in the state of Arizona from obtaining driver’s license despite early clarification from the US government stating that DACA recipients have legal presence. Once again the federal government helped clarify what we already know, this time in federal court: that DREAMers need to drive NOW.  However, Arizona DREAMers continue being attacked by the irrational and unconstitutional executive order still in place issued by Governor Jan Brewer.


Governor Brewer has misspent over 1.48 million dollars, and counting in taxpayer dollars since the suit began. The order attacks hardworking young immigrants by denying drivers licenses to those individuals with Deferred Action such as DACA, victims of sexual abuse, and victims of violent crimes.


“Since day one this statement presented by the U.S government has been obvious. Arizona DREAMers should not have had to wait to get to this point, every day that we are denied our equal rights both our personal and educational growth continue to be delayed. How much longer will Governor Brewer be allowed to play like a child calling on every court possibly hoping for a win?” Korina Iribe DACA recipient and civic engagement coordinator for the ADAC said.


“The government’s opinion only solidifies our legal foundation. I am certain that we will win this battle but in the mean time entrepreneurs like myself who are taxpayers and job creators can’t grow our business due to the lack of drivers license.” Carla Chavarria DACA recipient and ADAC member .
We do not need a rehearing en banc, what we do need is this nonsense executive order to be overturned immediately. It is a fact that DACA recipients have authorized presence under federal law, why can’t DREAMers drive NOW? Diego Lozano an independent register Latino voter said.





It is the vision of the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition to create a nation of fully educated and integrated immigrant youth. It is the mission of the ADAC to promote the educational success of immigrant youth, to increase civic engagement and advocate for the passage of the DREAM Act.


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