The Senate Voted Yes!

Dear Supporter,

Today is a historic day for our communities! We gathered at the ADAC headquarters to watch the Senate approve immigration bill S.744 68 yay’s to 32 nays. This moment would not have been possible without the arduous efforts from advocates in our communities across the country and supporters like you!

It is time to soak in this moment to celebrate but also get ready for the real battle in the House of Representatives. Nothing in this movement has been easily handed to us, therefore we know the battle with the House GOP will be the tough one.

It is our duty as a community to unite to protect all the Dreams of the 11 million members of our families who have their hopes riding on this immigration bill.

We urge you to call Representatives Ed Pastor and Matt Salmon to ask them to take leadership by supporting immigration reform and encouraging their peers to do the same.

Ed Pastor- (202)225-4065

Matt Salmon- (202)225-2631

Call, state your name, say you support immigration reform and you urge them to do the same.

Together for the 11 million,

Arizona Dream Act Coalition Leadership

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