Prayer Delegation Returns to AZ


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Arizona Families Follow Boehner in Prayer to Ohio

As the House Speaker leaves Washington, Arizona families prayed for Boehner at his home and at his District office. District office unwilling to meet.


OHIO — A group of more than 40 people who drove from Arizona to talk to Speaker Boehner about the pain of family separation and the need for immigration reform, continued their prayer campaign outside of his home in Ohio and then attempted to meet with his district staff at the Butler County office. Staff approached the office early Friday morning while the Arizona pilgrims sang “This Little Light of Mine.” Speaker Boehner’s district staff resisted meeting with the group, despite the 2,500 miles travelled, 18 hours of prayer outside the DC office and prayers offered in support of the Speaker. Staff refused the group’s request to meet with the Speaker at any time simply offering a general email request form.


“We understand that the Speaker is a man of God and a man of faith. He talked about praying a lot during the shutdown. We know that he will understand our pain once he hears our stories. Though we were denied a meeting today, we are not discouraged. This is just the beginning,” said Jesus Magaña, a military veteran whose sister was in detention for 2 years.


After being denied a meeting, the pilgrims prayed over the office, asked for courage, strength and wisdom for the Speaker and for his staff to do what is right. Families held vigil outside of the Speaker’s DC office for over 18 hours this week joined by many members of Congress. Departing Ohio, the delegation will return to Arizona to plan their next trip to Washington.


What: Arizona Families

Where: Neighborhood Ministries, 1929 West Fillmore, Phoenix, AZ

When: Saturday, October 26, 2013 at 6pm. EDT

Visuals include: riders getting off the bus
Note for Media: The Arizona pilgrims are able to share video and photos from their trip to DC and Ohio. Media should contact Michele Rudy,, (857) 919-3574



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