Obama Announces He Will Use His Power On Immigration and Send More Resources to Our Border!

Monday, June 30th, 2014
Dulce Matuz
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Obama Announces He Will Use His Power On Immigration and Send More Resources to Our Border!


Phoenix, AZ- President Obama earlier today announced that he will use his executive power within the law on immigration due to the lack of congressional action. He said that he is still willing to work with House Republicans to deliver an immigration reform, but what he “can’t do is nothing.”


The Arizona DREAM Act Coalition is glad that President Obama is finally addressing what he can do within his power to protect many of our families. He can act today and stop deporting 1,100 people daily.


It’s not a coincidence that our community is not completely excited about this announcement, since he has disrupted over 2 million families in the last 6 years through record deportations. His words are not the same as an immediate action to stop all deportations and secure the trust of the immigrants within our community.


“As communities affected we are demanding President Obama to act now and liberate many undocumented immigrants like Ardani Rosales Lemos, who is currently being detained due to his inaction. He can stop this today. How many parents, friends and family members do we need to lose due to his inaction? We are asking him to act now!” Reyna Montoya, dreamer and administrative relief organizer of the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition said.


President Obama also threatens Border States and promised to focus our nation’s resources in strengthening our borders.


Dulce Matuz, ADAC’s chair said, “President Obama needs to fulfill his promise from six years ago and act now instead of making more threats to send more resources to our borders. He needs to be clear about what that means to our states. Will he be a leader and will he protect our communities, or will he remain as the infamous Deporter-in-Chief?”


The ADAC is an statewide alliance of organizations dedicated to the passage of the Development Relief and

Education for Alien Minors Act or DREAM Act. The DREAM Act is a piece of bipartisan legislation at the federal

level. This bill would grant conditional residency to undocumented youth that came to the United

States before the age of sixteen, demonstrate good moral character, graduate from high school and complete

two years of college and / or military service.

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