My husband is being held hostage by immigration!

Just two days ago, an immigration judge granted my husband a bond of $10,000 so he could be released. My family and friends were excited and quickly began raising money so that he could finally be reunited with me and our children. By the grace of God and the help of the community we were close to getting the money; we even made signs that said  “Welcome home Ardani!” Little did I know that Immigration Enforcement would be so cruel as to overlook the immigration judge’s decision and keep my husband in detention. ICE is now holding my husband hostage, even though he has no criminal record and only returned to be with his family.Immigration enforcement is now targeting our families and actively trying to separate them. They are not finding “humane ways” to keep families together, but are going out of their way to separate my family! Please sign this petition to help us to fight ICE and bring my husband home. 

Naira Zapata
Arizona DREAM Act Coalition

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