Congratulations Governor Doug Ducey We Urge you to see the value of AZ DREAMers

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November 4th, 2014

Congratulations Governor Doug Ducey:
“It is Time to Turn the Page and Recognize the Value of Arizona Dreamers and our Families” 

PHOENIX AZ – Today former state Treasurer Doug Ducey has been elected as Arizona’s new Governor. Through out his campaign Governor Ducey focused on spreading his plans of economic development. When asked about almost any issue Governor Ducey always reverted back to his “economy”  and “freedom and equal opportunity” talking points.

Dough Ducey has made it clear that the undocumented community and deferred action recipients don’t fall under his plan of “freedom and equal opportunity”. He has stated that he supports former Governor Brewer’s anti DREAMer rhetoric and would continue to add to the a 1.48 Million taxpayer dollars that have already been misspent in court to thwart DACA recipients from the ability to obtain licenses. Ducey also supports out of state tuition costs to Arizona Universities for DACA recipients, making higher education inaccessible to immigrant youth. He fails to see that granting instate tuition to the nearly 20,000 current DACA recipients would generate an estimated $203,140,000 for the universities in one year alone.

“This is a great opportunity for Governor Ducey to turn the page and take the lead on finding real and fair solutions to issues that have long been polarized and used by both parties to win elections.” -Carla Chavarria , DACA recipient and business owner

The Arizona Dream Act coalition still believes in the importance of creating a nation of fully educated and integrated immigrant youth, starting here in our home state. Extending equal opportunities to DACA recipients including licenses and in state tuition costs should be a no brainer when talking about ways to develop Arizona’s economy.  We hope that Governor Ducey will reconsider his position regarding immigrant youth, and recognize the value of this community. Our office doors will be open and we ask that his be as well.

“DREAMers and our families only seek to be integrated into the state to which we already contribute so much , we hope that Governor Ducey will see beyond his party and  truly acknowledge the struggles that  some Arizonan’s face on a daily basis, please realize our dreams and futures are in your hands” – Esmeralda Roucha, DACA recipient and ASU hopeful

Read more about the current and potential impact that DACA recipients have on the Arizona economy.

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