Arizona Dreamers against discriminatory “NON CITIZEN” license marking


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January 2nd 2015


Arizona Dreamers against discriminatory “NON CITIZEN”  license marking

PHOENIX AZ – The Arizona DREAM Act Coalition believes in the rights and just treatment of all Arizonans that is why we fought and continue to fight against policies and legislation that oppresses, discriminates  and in all reality  attempts to dehumanize our immigrant community. On December 22nd of 2014 after a long legal battle against former Governor Brewer,  DACA recipients in our state were able to celebrate a win for justice and obtain license for the first time.

We have not even made it to the two week mark and have already learned of possible legislation in the works that would once again trump the progress of our community.  Senator Kelli Ward has called for a marking on DACA licence that would read “NON CITIZEN” and Representative Jay Lawrence has stated he will be drafting a bill to ensure that this gets done.

“ It is disappointing that our state leaders continue to wage a war on the progress of our youth” said Korina Iribe DACA recipient and ADAC member

The Arizona DREAM Act Coalition is aware that no said bill has yet been introduced, but we are obliged to speak against any attempts of such legislation. It is time for Arizona leadership to drop the anti immigrant rhetoric and to work willingly with each other here in our state and in Washington to come up with real, humane, and just policies that will benefit both  the growth and image of our state.

As an organization we commit to continue to protect our entire immigrant community against any present and future attempts to label us as second class citizens. We are open to really educating legislatures about the issues that affect all Arizonans, because we too are Arizonans.

“ Labeling a license Non- citizen goes beyond those words displayed on the card. It is an attempt to further segregate our community” stated Carla Chavarria DACA recipient


It is the vision of the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition to create a nation of fully educated and integrated immigrant youth. It is the mission of the ADAC to promote the educational success of immigrant youth, to increase civic engagement and advocate for the passage of the DREAM Act.


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