DREAMers WILL drive in Arizona The Supreme Court Has Spoken

Contact: Korina Iribe

DREAMers WILL drive in Arizona
The Supreme Court Has Spoken

WHEN: December 17th at 4:30 pm

WHERE: Arizona State Capitol front lawn 

WHAT: In July the 9th circuit court of appeals ruled that Governor Brewer’s executive order banning DACA recipients from obtaining state ID’s and Drivers licenses was unconstitutional and a discriminatory policy. They sided with Arizona DREAMers and requested a preliminary injunction to grant them licenses. In an attempt to stall the process the Governor filed for a stay, or motion to delay with the 9th circuit which was denied and then with the Supreme Court. Today the United States Supreme Court court denied Governor Brewer’s request to delay the issuing of licenses to DACA recipients. This decision will force state courts to finally issue license to Arizona DREAMers without any more delays. Join us as we address what this decision means to our community.


The Arizona Dream Act Coalition is excited to finally receive this long awaited news. This is a win that belongs to our youth and the community . We have fought long and hard against injustice and are ready for what is to come. We started this fight at the Arizona State Capitol and we celebrate our victory there again to send a message to Governor Brewer and Governor Ducey that we will continue to fight for our undocumented community to have the right to drive.

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