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This week Time Magazine released its 100 Most Influential People in the World list. Among the presidents, CEOs and entertainers was a 27-year-old activist and undocumented Latina, Dulce Matuz.

Matuz has become a public face of undocumented students. She organizes protests and has been arrested.  CNN.com profiled Matuz last year as part of its coverage leading up to the documentary "Don’t Fail Me: Education In America."

Matuz first spoke out as an undocumented student in 2010 in Arizona. In 2008, she founded the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition. As the founder and president, she brings together youth of all backgrounds to campaign on behalf of  an estimated 65,000 undocumented students who graduate from high school in the United States each year, according to the Urban Institute.

Matuz found out about a month ago that she would be a part of the Time 100 list, which is chosen by the magazine’s editors.  Actor and activist Eva Longoria penned a description of Matuz, writing that she “represents the finest of her generation.”

“It’s been overwhelming. I am happy and honored - but this recognition is not for me, but for all the undocumented students and youth that work with me,” Matuz said.

Right now, she’s working to rally the Latino vote in Arizona.

“There’s lot of responsibility,” Matuz said. “We have 300,000 unregistered Latino voters in Arizona, and we have to let them know that even though I cannot vote, I have a voice.”

Matuz said even though recognition has led to her undocumented status becoming well-known, she’s never been afraid of what might happen to her.

“My mom told me that fear is from the devil, so I am not afraid,” Matuz said. “I just can't think about it.”

In Time, she said, "We are Americans, and Americans don't give up."





Feds investigate Arizona Maricopa Community College District




Project 6

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Who: Undocumented youth and civil rights activist, Dolores Huerta.

What: Protest outside of the GOP debate to demand the candidates to stop their anti-immigrant rhetoric and support the full DREAM Act or they will lose the Latino vote in Arizona.

When: Wednesday, Feb. 22 - 5:00 pm

Where: Mesa Arts Center


Dreamers and supporters will be at the CNN GOP debate to remind the Republican candidates that the Latino community in Arizona has woken up due to hateful legislation, such as SB-1070. Dolores Huerta, a long time civil rights activist and co-founder of the United Farm Workers, will be joining the undocumented youth to send the message to the Latino community that we will not stand with candidates who do not care about our issues.

Mitt Romney has emerged as a strongly anti-immigrant candidate with his rhetoric on the DREAM Act being the most direct. In addition, his "self-deportation" policy, which emerged from the advice of Kris Kobach, author of SB 1070, is nothing more than a disguise of a cruel scheme to make life unbearable for hard working immigrants.                   



Arizona DREAM Act Coalition (ADAC) Thanks Congresswoman Gabby Giffords for Her Service, DREAM Vote

DREAMers Inspired by Her Courage and Service to Our Country


Phoenix, Arizona - The Arizona Dream Act Coalition (ADAC) the oldest and largest immigrant youth-led organization in the State of Arizona wants to express its deepest gratitude to Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords for her service to Arizona and the USA.  DREAM Act students and young professionals want specially to thank Congresswoman Giffords for voting for the DREAM Act in the House of Representatives in December 2010.


The Coalition is very aware of those who stood up at that crucial moment and Congresswoman Giffords is a perfect example of a leader that is fearless, heroic and  willing to do the moral and right thing. We need more leaders like Congresswoman Giffords.


"I found it very unfortunate that the DREAM Act has become very politicized issue recently, especially when the bill was written as a bipartisan legislation. We understand that the DREAM Act is in great need of true leaders, like Congresswoman Gabby Giffords", said Reyna Montoya, ASU student and ADAC member.  "We feel sad she is leaving Congress but we understand she needs to focus on her recovery", commented Reyna Montoya.  "We are thankful for all those leaders who voted for the DREAM Act in 2010.  We also have not forgotten of those who voted against it. We will continue to advocate for the DREAM Act and will push harder to engage the community to support and vote to office those who support the DREAM Act and the undocumented youth". 

The Arizona DREAM Act Coalition is hopeful Congresswoman Giffords will come back soon to an elected office to benefit with her proven wisdom and visionary clarity our State and the USA. 








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Arizona DREAM Act Coalition Rally During President Obama’s Visit at Intel

Arizona DREAMers Tell President Obama To Stop Talking, And Start Walking!


Phoenix, Arizona - The Arizona DREAM Act Coalition (ADAC) will be rallying Wednesday, January 25th, at 4500 South Dobson Road, Chandler, while the President addresses Intel employees and staff.

Students are frustrated with President Obama’s inaction in creating immigration reform as he promised in his 2008 presidential campaign speeches. Locally, DREAM Act eligible students have been targeted with anti-immigrant legislation, such as SB1070, Prop 300, and HB2008 which have resulted in astronomical tuition increases. ADAC is concerned with deportations and recent tragedies of DREAMers committing suicide and suffering clinical depression.

President Obama has the capability of exercising an Executive Order to provide Administrative Relief as the DREAM Act is not being passed. President Obama has the power to expedite process where Prosecutorial Discretion is exercised where moral character, hard work and determination is considered to take DREAMers out of detention and deportation.  ADAC regrets that someone with President Obama's principles has failed to fight for immigrant youth to his full capacity. While we appreciate his remarks during the State of the Union Address supporting DREAM Act eligible youth we would like to see him act upon his comments and stop the detention and deportation of all DREAMers.

ADAC is troubled that a bright individual, such as Angelica Hernandez, the 2011 Valedictorian for the Mechanical Engineering program at ASU, is a prime candidate for a job at Intel, but does not qualify only because of her legal status.

ADAC has launched an online petition to tell President Obama to Stop Talking, and Start Walking! We are reminding the Obama Administration that the number one issue for the Latino voter is the DREAM Act. Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has decreased his chances of being the GOP nominee because of his constant attacks on immigrant youth and for stating that he will veto the DREAM Act. Latinos will hold all politicians accountable regardless of their political party for their inactions and negative comments and actions to immigrant youth and the DREAM Act.

Online petition can be found here:




Arizona DREAM Act Coalition (ADAC) Calls Out Mitt Romney

Accountability Campaign to Begin in Florida by Latino Voters and Dreamers


Phoenix, Arizona - The Arizona Dream Act Coalition (ADAC) announces an accountability campaign during the GOP Presidential Party.  The ADAC is the oldest and largest immigrant youth-led organization in the State of Arizona.  "For years laws have passed in this state that has taken away our merit-based scholarships, taken away our freedoms, taken away our friends and families.  In 2011 we learned that civic engagement is the next step in our movement.  We will have a voice in the most important election of 2012," says Dulce Matuz, current President of the Arizona Dream Act Coalition.


The race for the GOP Presidential Nomination has included various statements from front-runners in regards to immigration.  The ADAC commended Governor Rick Perry for defending his support of the Texas Dream Act, which most Texas voters also support.  Newt Gingrich's willingness to have a conversation about immigration reform is also noteworthy.  "There have been some good statements by candidates but it's sad to see some of them backtrack on their positions.  But even Perry and Gingrich seem to have a better approach to immigration than Governor Mitt Romney," states Carmen Cornejo, long-time advocate.


Governor Romney, the leading Republican Presidential candidate, stated he would veto the Dream Act, calling it a "hand-out" and "more benefits for free."  "His comments are misguided, crafted to appeal to the most extremist wing of his party", said Matuz, "he cannot win the Latino vote and Presidency by attacking students that are integrated, educated and represent fundamental values of the American Dream".


"Dreamers need to hold politicians accountable, whether they are democrat or republican," says Daniel Rodriguez, co-founder of the ADAC and an organizer of the Romney Accountability Campaign.  "We will hold Romney accountable and also remind President Obama that while we appreciate his leadership on the Dream Act, he needs to step up his efforts to protect immigrant youth at a time of record-breaking deportations."  The ADAC intends to organize accountability events in every state during the GOP Primary Race beginning in late January in Florida.




“In Memory of Joaquin Luna”

Vigil in memory of Joaquin Luna and Dreamers


Phoenix, Arizona

WHEN: Friday December 2, 2011 at 5:00 P.M.


·         Arizona Dream Act Coalition

·         Dream Guardians – Mothers of immigrant youth

·         Faith Leaders


WHAT:  Vigil and conversation will be held in memory of Joaquin Luna.  Joaquin was an 18 year old Dream Act student that committed suicide on the evening after thanksgiving.  He aspired to be an engineered.  Letters he left behind hint that he may have been frustrated by the failure of the Dream Act and a belief he could not reach his dreams.


WHERE: St. Louis the King Parish Glendale 4331 W. Maryland Avenue Glendale, AZ 85301



WHY: The psychological and social effects that a failed immigration policy has on immigration youth, especially Dream Act eligible youth, have not been the focus of many studies.  Neither has it been part of the ongoing conversation about immigration reform.  It is an issue, however, that must be addressed.  The passage of SB1070 in Arizona along with the flood of anti-immigrant legislation over the years has created a hostile environment for migrants and Latino families.  The rise of homelessness and depression amongst immigrant youth is on the rise.   


            “It is sad to think that even after Congress finally passes a workable immigration policy that our communities will be dealing with the effects of what is currently happening in the streets and in our homes.  It is not healthy for us as a society to have groups of people feeling so hopeless that they fall into depression and sometimes even worse.”

                                                            -Daniel Rodriguez

United We Dream, Southwest Region Representative




For Immediate Release

November 9, 2011

Media Contact: Dulce Matuz


(602) 688-6804


Arizona Immigrant Youth Celebrates Election Results in The Mesa Special Elections and Jerry Lewis as the New State Senator.


MESA, Ariz.—The Arizona Dream Act Coalition (ADAC), a youth group that advocates for education for all, is celebrating the defeat of Russell Pearce and congratulates the citizens of Mesa who have elected Jerry Lewis as the State Senator for District 18.


Arizona youth, who have been hit especially hard by the policies and bills introduced by now former State Senator Russell Pearce, managed to gather human resources to form a civil engagement campaign called Youth For Education in Action (YEA!) that started in September. In the first phase of the campaign, YEA! organized a voter registration drive targeting students at community colleges and seniors in high schools. YEA! registered 353 voters (118 voters from Mesa) and added 144 registered voters to the Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL) (59 voters added to the PEVL from Mesa). In the second phase of the campaign, which began in October, YEA! volunteers canvassed door to door inviting people to exercise their right to vote.  YEA! knocked 2,433 registered voters’ doors and gathered 135 volunteers in several shifts talking to members of the community as of November 7.


“In this particular campaign, we chose to support the candidate who shares our values,” said Dulce Matuz, a YEA! spokesperson. “The political party does not matter to us as long as the candidate supports education for all students regardless of immigration status and the economic development for the state.  With Senator Russell Pearce, we have experienced cuts in education, education segregation, and disenfranchisement due to the wrong policies.”


“Arizona has been in the forefront of the immigration battle and has pushed for policies that don’t offer any reasonable solutions. Now we, as educated young immigrants, are fighting to take back our communities back through civic engagement.


 “This is just the beginning, we have been learning a lot in the process.  We are fed up of politicians that not support education and immigrant youth, and this is proof we can succeed,” Matuz said.


We also want to congratulate Greg Stanton for being elected the new Phoenix Mayor and Daniel Valenzuela for being elected the new Phoenix Council member for District 5.


A unique feature for the race of Senate in Mesa’s District 18, the race for Mayor in Phoenix, and the race for Phoenix City Council in District 5 is that undocumented immigrant youth mobilized and motivated voters to elect candidates that will best defend the values we believe in. 





Hispanic women in Medicine Scholarship Fundraiser

Sunday, November 6 ·  7:00pm -  11:00pm

Salon Cancun
4440 S 19 Ave.
Phoenix, AZ

Created By

More Info
We are proud to hold its first annual fundraiser for the Hispanic Women in Medicine Scholarship.

We recognize the importance of helping youth attain higher education, especially in medicine, as Hispanic women are under represented in this field.

Join us in this fundraiser and enjoy a night of great food and dancing.
Theater Meshico will present their play "Las calacas"(The Skulls)

Tickets available for $20.00 dollars.
INFO: Monica Espinoza 602-254-5713 or Marisol Masqueda 623-221-3129

Estamos orgullosas en presentar nuestro primer anual Recaudacion de fondos para la Beca Hispanic Women in Medicine.

Nosotros reconocemos la importancia de ayudar a la juventud a obtener estudios universitarios, especialmente en la medicina porque no hay suficientes mujeres hispanas en este ramo.

Acompanenos en esta recaudacion y disfrute una noche de gran divercion y una deliciosa cena. Con la presentacion del Teatro Meshico con la obra callejera "Las calacas".

Boletos estan disponibles por $20.00.
Informes: Monica Espinoza 602-254-5713 or Marisol Masqueda 623-221-3129






Dear Board of Directors for the Phoenix Anti-Defamation League,

We were surprised and sadden to find out Maricopa Community College District’s Chancellor, Rufus Glasper, will be awarded the Jerry J. Wistosky Torch of Liberty Award by the Phoenix Anti-Defamation League.

The Anti-Defamation League has proclaimed to be the "nation's premier civil rights/human relations agency”. We believe that Chancellor Glasper is a poor choice for your prestigious award. The Chancellor showed lack of leadership stopping a very biased legal counsel who was determined to price out undocumented students from the Community Colleges with a 230% tuition increase for individuals taking one to six credits. Currently one class cost $1000 to students whose household income is $24,000. Predictably, tripling the tuition for these students has caused a drop of more than 5,000 students in the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD).

Chancellor Glasper has forced  MCCCD’s financial and enrollment departments to report students’ immigration status to legal counsel, which ultimately would  report to DHS and ICE. Chancellor Glasper has created an Orwellian atmosphere at MCCD, where faculty will be charged with a misdemeanor if found to have violated the stature that requires the reporting to authorities the immigration status of students.

Although the move was directed to undocumented students, minority students are the ones scrutinized to provide documentation. MCCCD’s personnel have suffered a climate of tremendous pressure due to the mandate to report the status of the students and the threats of jail time. 

We believe Chancellor Glasper's does not deserve such a prestigious award given by The Anti-
Defamation League since under his leadership MCCCD is failing its own mission of bringing accessible education to all. We exhort you to preserve the integrity of your institution by withdrawing your award to Mr. Glasper.



Dulce Matuz
ADAC Chair


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